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21st Century Shopping - Online Affiliate Marketing

21st Century Shopping - Online Affiliate Marketing

By Mark Hamilton

Online affiliate marketing is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable industries of the 21st century. As high street retailers struggle to survive the current recession, internet business is experiencing a boom.

Perhaps this is not as ironic as it first appears. As times get tougher and people spend more and more time working just to keep up with the bills, the internet offers an easy, convenient and cost effective means of finding and buying products and services.

One of the most common problems facing the newbie affiliate marketer is how to get started. Do they risk spending hundreds of dollars on training programs and services in the hope that they can make a reasonable investment or do they try to 'go it alone' and spend months travelling in circles, never getting anywhere?

This is the dilemma faced by thousands of new online marketers every day. There is money to be made through online affiliate marketing - the trick is finding a strategy which allows you to tap into this highly lucrative market without bankrupting yourself in the process.

The good news is that there are so many options to choose from, it is possible to shop around for the best to suit your time and budget allowance. However, that is also the bad news. Many first time affiliate marketers become so confused and overwhelmed by the choices on offer, they end up making bad decisions that cost them time and money without the expected returns.

If you are completely new to internet marketing, it is probably best to opt for a system that has been tried and tested to deliver results. There are many such opportunities and many of these come with full support to get you started. Always check there are no hidden costs before making a decision. Choose a system that allows for flexible commitment: you can always invest money at a later date once you are earning a regular income from it and are more confident that it will work for you.

Online affiliate marketing is definitely the way forward. No matter what is happening in your high street, you will always find a ready internet market waiting for your product. It is well worth exercising a little caution at first and slowly building your business as your confidence and knowledge grows.

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Learn Which Affiliate Marketing Model is the Best

By Evan James

Four types of affiliate marketing business models work well with health: the content-based affiliate model, the review-style affiliate business model, the coupon or deals affiliate marketing model, and the shopping portal affiliate revenue model. Any of these models can also be used in tandem with each other. For example a strategically placed coupon or deal can compliment a page full of content dedicated to a certain topic or product. Let's take a look at these affiliate business models in more detail including a few tips to help you decide which model best fits your style, interests, and available time.

A well-constructed content-based website is full of articles that cover one central theme. For example all-natural health supplements could be the site concept and the main topic covered on the home page. The home page could then link to several 2nd-tier pages that each cover a specific type of health supplements (i.e. weight loss, men's health, women's health, general nutrition, beauty, etc). The 2nd-tier pages could then lead to 3rd-tier pages about specific diseases, health conditions, or product reviews. The idea is to create an informative website that is easy to navigate for both visitors and the search engines. The content-based affiliate marketing business model is best-suited for people who have great knowledge or passion for a specific topic and would enjoy creating the content necessary to build a useful website that grabs and holds a visitor's attention. The health arena offers many niche markets that can be the focus of a full-blown content-based affiliate site. Text links weaved into the content generally converts extremely well for affiliates running the content-based model.

Review-style affiliate business model

The best review-style websites are those where the webmaster has actually tested the product being reviewed and can therefore give an honest recommendation based on personal experience. The review-style affiliate marketing business model can be set up much the same way a content-based website is structured with 3 tiers worth of tightly-related information. In fact a combination health content-review affiliate model can be a strong force with the content building trust with visitors and the honest reviews, based on personal experience, convincing the visitor to click through to your Affiliate Site with the intent of making a purchase or at least learning more about the product with a potential purchase in mind.

Coupon or deals affiliate marketing model

There are thousands of coupon and deal sites on the internet today with most of them covering a wide range of categories instead of focusing on a specific market or type of product. That situation presents an opportunity for affiliates who would like to dive into the health/pet arena or expand their efforts to include the best health supplement and pet health deals on the market. Those deals represent considerable savings for customers. The coupons and deals affiliate marketing business model can also be carefully weaved into a content-based or review website as another avenue of building trust and repeat visitors. With so many coupon and deal sites battling each other over a broad range of shopping categories, the opportunity to be an affiliate leader in a niche coupon/deal market is there for the taking. The health supplement and pet health markets offer many such niche market opportunities.

Shopping portal affiliate revenue model

Similar to coupon and deal sites, there are hundreds of shopping portals on the internet that offer a wide range of shopping categories. The opportunity for affiliates to focus a shopping portal on a profitable niche market certainly exists, and the dating or relationship arenas both offer profitability and plentiful niche opportunities. Just like with coupons and deals, the shopping portal affiliate marketing business model can be carefully integrated into a content-based or review site as a way to earn trust and visitor allegiance.

Combination affiliate business models

While any of the above affiliate marketing models can be used by themselves to build a successful home-based internet business, it's best to enhance your affiliate blueprint by blending in one or more of the other models into your main structure and style. For example if your main affiliate marketing business model is content-based, find a way to blend in a personal review and the latest deal regarding the health or pet product(s) you are recommending. On the same token if you're running a niche health or pet shopping portal, find a way to include a few informative articles about the specific market your products reside in. Slide in a few personal reviews or recommendations and your site will be even more attractive.

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