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Supple for Joint Pain

What is Supple drinks?

Many people seems to have found success in using Supple to relieve there arthrities pain. Supple contains 10 minerals and vitamins which includes 1,500 mg of shelfish free glucosamine as well as 1,200 mg of chondoritin. These two glucosamine and chondoritin are popularly used as joint treatment. Supple drinks helps to lubricate and comfort sore joints. It also rebuild cartilage and protect against damage as mentioned in the supple website.

Supple drinks are a dietary supplement and not a priscription drug. According to some user of Supple product they have achieve great success in using this product. Supple is available in liquid and powder.

Here are real stories of Supple user:

"I am almost 65 and diagnosed with arthritis. For the past 4-5 years my right hip/leg has been increasingly painful and has prevented me from standing and turning without screaming out...
I saw the Supple commercial on TV with the money back guarantee it all made sense; LIQUID JOINT BUILDER. I have religiously taken Supple and have not missed a day. By the 5-6th day my joint pain began to subside and I was able to move without screaming. Now I can stand alone, can enter and exit every car without pain, turn to the opposite direction and literally move by turning the leg in place with no pain..."
"I am 64 years old and have been having pain in my knees when walking down stairs or working out. I tried glucosamine and chondroitin dietary supplements in pill form, but they never really worked for me. I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Apatow. I took the Challenge and tried Supple for 12 days. By the time I finished my 12 day supply, I had no more pain..."

  Here are some user's review and comments on the product:

"Two years ago I began to suffer almost debilitating pain in the joint of my little finger. The pain was so sever that I even had to quit playing my Guitar. I seen a commercial for Supple and decided to try it. I drank it as suggested every day without fail. Three weeks into the treatment by Supple, I realized my hand was not hurting as badly as usual. By the end of the seven week supply, not only was my hand not bothering me at all, but the pain of a broken rib, and pain in both of my knees was completely gone..".
I disagree with Supple Complaint
"I have RA and the Supple Drink does help.  I am sorry that it did not work for your mother, but that does not mean that it is a hoax.  The Supple drink works for me.  I first noticed little things, like I was not waking up throughout the night in pain and needing to turn to a new position, I had an easier time in the morning when I first woke up, the rain was not affecting me as badly as it had in the months previous, and my joints in my fingers were not as tight in the mornings.."
An Update to my previous post #4 Consumer Comment - Aug 30th. 2012 
"I mentioned that two years after the first batch greatly helped my wife, she started having pain in the joints again.  I ordered the product again and she is now into her second 45 day batch.  Amazing results.  Pain is gone again and she is so pleased as she can now kneed dough for bread baking..."

Improve Your Joint Health With Supple

 There is negative review stating that the product didn't do what it claimed:

"My Mother, who is 55 years old and is starting to experience arthritis problems in her finger joints tried this product for ONE MONTH and got NO RESULTS! The reason why she used the product that long is because when she called the customer rep about not feeling any improvements, they told her that the product may take a little longer on some people to start working..."

If you have experiences with using this product "Supple" kindly pen your comments below. Some people are patient enough to wait for result while others may want speedy result. When taking any dietary suppliments one should first discuss it with their physician.


Omni Model OT32 - Under Sink Water Filter

Under sink water filter - Omni Model OT32

This Omni Model OT32 - Under Sink Water Filter cost $159.99 includes shipping charge as of this writing. We definitely want to have water filtration system to make sure our drinking water is free from harmful bacteria, chemicals, polutions, pesticide and herbicide. This Omni filters remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Atrazine (herbicide) and Lindane (pesticide) The Omni Model OT32 uses carbon block technolgy. This can remove lead, Giardia, Cryptosporidium cysts and VOCs from drinking water.

The Box includes:
  • installation hardware
  • CB3 filter cartridge
  • RS2 pre-filter cartridge
  • pressure release valve
  • saddle valve
  • wrench
  • mounting bracket
  • a separate long-reach faucet
The Omni Model OT32 under sink water filter is easy to install.

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How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer

How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer

How To Become A Successful Affiliate Marketer

By Mathew Gunnufson

Many see affiliate marketing as an easy way to make money. There are no costs to be spent on product development, there are no fees to join an affiliate program, however some affiliate programs charge a small fee to join, and you have access to millions of Internet users from all over the world. There are ways to ensure that your affiliate marketing program is meeting its intended objectives. Let's start with:

1. Knowing your audience: This is one of the most basic principles of marketing. You can't fulfill your potential customers' needs unless you know what it is they're looking for. Imagine walking into a clothing store with the intention of buying a black t-shirt. The sales clerk walks over and starts trying to sell you a pair of pants, shoes, and a bowtie. Would you be sold? The internet is similar in that the market is absolutely saturated with products, where your target audience may be looking for something specific. Affiliate marketers need to identify people who would be genuinely interested in the products being marketed to them. This is the only way an affiliate marketing program can be lucrative.

2. Stay in the know: The internet marketing industry is dynamic. New tools, new techniques of research, and other industry developments are always cropping up. It is important to stay updated so that you can leverage your marketing potential to the fullest. Besides pop ups, banners, and ad space, there is a lot more to affiliate marketing, and the risk of going obsolete is always high. Not only will keeping up with the latest trends help you reach your target market better, but it will also give you a more sophisticated view of the impact your campaign is having.

3. Cover your bases: Know what you're marketing and know who you're marketing for. As an affiliate marketer, though the product may not be yours, you may face a lot of repercussions from customers for promoting unethical or objectionable products. Since you are taking the responsibility for marketing someone else's product, your credibility is at risk, if customers find themselves dissatisfied. I recently read a great film review online, and was tempted to watch the movie. The movie turned out to be terrible, and considering the high rating it had had, it damaged my perception of the website! Do not take similar risks in your affiliate marketing program.

4. Research and tracking: Research comes before, during, and after the launch of an affiliate marketing campaign. Establish that the product you are marketing will have some demand, use several tools to see which one is working best for you, and run constant analytics to find out how you can improve. Split test your campaigns so you can shortlist the techniques that work best for your product. Marketing is as much of a science as it is an art, so don't make the mistake of undermining data.

Well that covers the basics. Now you know what it takes. But nothing will give you the knowledge like experience. I could tell you facts that I've read and learned by watching others, but my best stuff is the knowledge I've experienced.

It will be no different for you. The best process I suggest is learn, do, and then teach. This is how the best marketers learned how to become a successful affiliate marketer.

I've found the best way to succed online is to study the rare people who are making millions of dollars online from affiliate marketing. Learn as much as you can and associate with as many top marketers as you can. If you are serious about how to become a successful affiliate marketer, visit my website at and watch the free video at the top of the page.

If you are like me this will change your life. You can also watch the same video at Thanks for reading and good luck.

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Make Money Online without a Website

The are several way to make money online without a website. If you are a beginner in internet marketing learning how to make money online without a website is a good idea. You don't need your own website to make money online. If you can write you might want to post articles to web2.0 sites like Hubpages and Squidoo and get paid from affiliate commission and advertisement. Below are some collection of information about making money online with out a website.

Earn Money Online without Having Website and None Investment ...

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HubPages: Making Money Online Writing for HubPages | Blogging 4 ...

Making money online can be a challenge to starter or person looking for residual income online. More so, skeptical to a person who has been scammed by an internet program claiming to make money online in an overnight or push of a button. Today am sharing with you a guaranteed way to make money online writing for Hub Pages.
Prior before telling more about Hub Pages here is a tip about making money online you have to patient, consistent and willing to...blogging4monetization.blogspot.com1/6/13

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Today I reveal a method I've been experimenting with for the last 4-5 months & how it's earning me THOUSANDS online... more->aidanbooth.com1/30/13

Make Money Online Without a Website With Google Adsense | How ...

This sound impossible since most people believe that you need a website or a blog to place the code that is generated by Google Adsense but there are other ways to make money from Google Adsense without owning a blog ...    more -->  www.reviewearn.com1/11/12

Fanpage The Way to Have An Online Business Without A Website

Yes, you can have an online business without having a website in place. This is the largest misconception of people looking to make money online – and what a HUGE stumbling block this becomes, and it's understandable...  more -->  snagalife.com2/2/13

Make Money With Adsense Without A Website 100% Adsense ...

Make money with Adsense without A Website And 100% Adsense Revenue Sharing And Referrals'?Here is a chance for somebody like you who can earn great income by participating in Google Adsense revenue sharing ... more --> how2makemoneyonline4free.com11/8/12

It is possible to make money online without a website but make sure that you are not dealing with scam and spam. Hubpages and Squidoo are a good place to post your articles and earn money from ads and affiliate commissions.