Friday, February 22, 2013

Supple for Joint Pain

What is Supple drinks?

Many people seems to have found success in using Supple to relieve there arthrities pain. Supple contains 10 minerals and vitamins which includes 1,500 mg of shelfish free glucosamine as well as 1,200 mg of chondoritin. These two glucosamine and chondoritin are popularly used as joint treatment. Supple drinks helps to lubricate and comfort sore joints. It also rebuild cartilage and protect against damage as mentioned in the supple website.

Supple drinks are a dietary supplement and not a priscription drug. According to some user of Supple product they have achieve great success in using this product. Supple is available in liquid and powder.

Here are real stories of Supple user:

"I am almost 65 and diagnosed with arthritis. For the past 4-5 years my right hip/leg has been increasingly painful and has prevented me from standing and turning without screaming out...
I saw the Supple commercial on TV with the money back guarantee it all made sense; LIQUID JOINT BUILDER. I have religiously taken Supple and have not missed a day. By the 5-6th day my joint pain began to subside and I was able to move without screaming. Now I can stand alone, can enter and exit every car without pain, turn to the opposite direction and literally move by turning the leg in place with no pain..."
"I am 64 years old and have been having pain in my knees when walking down stairs or working out. I tried glucosamine and chondroitin dietary supplements in pill form, but they never really worked for me. I had the pleasure of meeting Peter Apatow. I took the Challenge and tried Supple for 12 days. By the time I finished my 12 day supply, I had no more pain..."

  Here are some user's review and comments on the product:

"Two years ago I began to suffer almost debilitating pain in the joint of my little finger. The pain was so sever that I even had to quit playing my Guitar. I seen a commercial for Supple and decided to try it. I drank it as suggested every day without fail. Three weeks into the treatment by Supple, I realized my hand was not hurting as badly as usual. By the end of the seven week supply, not only was my hand not bothering me at all, but the pain of a broken rib, and pain in both of my knees was completely gone..".
I disagree with Supple Complaint
"I have RA and the Supple Drink does help.  I am sorry that it did not work for your mother, but that does not mean that it is a hoax.  The Supple drink works for me.  I first noticed little things, like I was not waking up throughout the night in pain and needing to turn to a new position, I had an easier time in the morning when I first woke up, the rain was not affecting me as badly as it had in the months previous, and my joints in my fingers were not as tight in the mornings.."
An Update to my previous post #4 Consumer Comment - Aug 30th. 2012 
"I mentioned that two years after the first batch greatly helped my wife, she started having pain in the joints again.  I ordered the product again and she is now into her second 45 day batch.  Amazing results.  Pain is gone again and she is so pleased as she can now kneed dough for bread baking..."

Improve Your Joint Health With Supple

 There is negative review stating that the product didn't do what it claimed:

"My Mother, who is 55 years old and is starting to experience arthritis problems in her finger joints tried this product for ONE MONTH and got NO RESULTS! The reason why she used the product that long is because when she called the customer rep about not feeling any improvements, they told her that the product may take a little longer on some people to start working..."

If you have experiences with using this product "Supple" kindly pen your comments below. Some people are patient enough to wait for result while others may want speedy result. When taking any dietary suppliments one should first discuss it with their physician.


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