Monday, November 1, 2010

SkaDoogle - The Affiliate Software of the Century?

Skadoogle: The Affiliate Software of the Century? A good start for a home based business? A good source of residual income?

The answer to these questions might as well be Yes. I just recently joined Skadoogle and I'm very happy with what I found out. Here, as you can see, is a big directory of information products (Mall) loaded with Clickbank and Paydotcom products. Anybody can join Skadoogle for free and earn commissions from referrals and product sales too even if you're a free member.

This is a very good offer from Skadoogle especially for people who are just starting an Internet business. Even a free member of Skadoogle has many benefits. An upgraded member has many more benefits. Plus, isn't it that the Skadoogle mall which they called my niche mall or my information mall is superb? Loaded with clickbank and paydotcom products makes it a comprehensive directory of information products that will fit your needs.

Skadoogle also gives you tools, training materials, training support, videos to help you succeed in the business. Joining Skadoogle is very easy. They will ask you few informations, create user name and password. That's it and you're on your way. They also offer you, even to the free members, a monthly articles that you can use in your website or blog.

Watch the skadoogle Video:

If you start a free member, it is risk-free because you don't have to pay anything but you will learn many things from Skadoogle, at the same time you will earn money from your referrals membership fees when thy upgrade and also earn commission from product sales. Some tools are not available to free the members and only for paid members. That is the beauty of the paid members because there are a lot more benefits. Since you are a free member, what do you have to loose? But if you want to bring the business to the next level and profit more from the commissions and residual incomes, then it would be a good idea to upgrade either to silver, Gold or Ultimate membership.

This is really a very good opportunity so I recommend to everyone to try the free membership first if you are still skeptical, because as a free member you really have nothing to loose but instead, benefits  from your free membership. However if you are very serious with this business and you prefer a higher residual income and commissions, paid membership is the way to go.

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