Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Salehoo- A Reliable Drop Shipper Directory?

There is a legitimate way of doing business and it is selling products on the Internet. This is almost a sure way to earn income because people always buy products that they need. There is a lot of work involved but if you use Drop shipping you'll be amazed of how easy this business will be. Many years ago I have been a fan of this website Salehoo and it stuck in my mind because it rhymes with Yahoo, in which I am a user for a long time. The owner of Salehoo made a good choice of his domain name.
Besides the domain name, I was also interested in this company itself. At the time, drop shipping was widely popular during the early years of the Internet. But it was very important to find a reliable one, or a drop shipper company that will give you very reasonable pricing. As usual scammers were always around. So, to find a good drop shipper and drop shipper directory was a sellers dream.

I always dreamed of selling in Auctions like Ebay. I found Salehoo to be a good source of drop shippers. At the time when I was looking, Salehoo's membership was only $50.00. Now the price went up to $67. If you join a drop shipping company usually you will be charge a little bit higher price than if you buy direct in bulk. It's because the drop shipper do most of the work for you. They have to store the product, keep the inventory, pack and ship products to your customer. You have lower profits and lesser work. If you buy in bulk and store the products in your house, you will have more profits and much more work. It is crucial to find a very good drop shipper that you can negotiate with a lower price so you can have maximum profits.


The good thing in joining Salehoo is, they have 8000 plus Drop shippers and wholesalers in their database. You will just go to one place for all your drop shipping needs. It is very confusing and a headache to search all over the Internet looking for a good drop shipper. Salehoo have already compiled these drop shippers and did the research for you. All you have to do is choose from the database of 8000 plus drop shippers and wholesalers and you're on your way. To make sure that you are selling good products and making a good profit, you also need to choose the Right drop shipper for you.

I joined Salehoo affiliate a month ago and I want to recommend this drop shipper source to people who want to start selling online. I believe Salehoo is a reliable drop shipper source and also they have been in business for a long time. Many people use this directory and they are satisfied with their business. Christmas season is coming and surely there will be many shoppers around the world. Selling products online is just one of the legitimate Internet businesses available to everyone. So if you are looking for a good source of drop shippers just click here to visit Salehoo Website.

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