Monday, February 14, 2011

Article Maketing Robot a Great Article Spinner & Submission Tool

This Robot is a Great Article Marketing Tool

Article Marketing Robot
I recently bought this software or automation product called the Article Marketing Robot to help me with my article marketing, rewriting my articles and spinning and submitting to many directories. This Robot will help you a lot and saves you time and headache. It is an incredible tool. I don't have any other tool for article spinning. This is the only one that I use. I tried the best spinner, it is very good too, but then there is an annual fee so I choose This Robot because it is a one time payment and you can use it for many years.

I have nothing against the other automation products because they are very good. But I decided to get this Robot instead for it's one time payment, and I never regreted it. This is very cool product. I actually come to love my small Robot, it's like loving your own pet, because this Article Marketing Robot helps me a lot. Don't get so excited, this Robot will not help you anything if you don't have an article to feed him. So you must have many articles to rewrite and or submit to the article directories to see how this Robot perform.

Article Marketing Robot is developed by Vince Severson. It has thousands of built-in directories now and it's constantly updating every now and then and adding more directories. Here are some of the best features of this software:

  • It has thousands of article directories now and constantly updating for more directories.
  • This Robot will signs you up to these directories, some may not be successful sign ups but most of the sign ups will be successful.
  • It will help you rewrite and spin your article. It has a function of saving your previously used synonyms and words for future use
  • It is an intelligent Robot and it will sort words and synonyms by definition for faster spinning. 
  • Article Marketing Robot has a function spin on submit. After you place the syntax in the article you can submit away.
  • There is also the scheduler function. You can schedule your submission. This is very good especially when you have lots of articles to submit. 
There are many more functions and you can watch the Videos here. You can check all the Best Features here. The Article Marketing Robot now cost at the time of this writing $97 one time payment and may increase at any time. The three major functions of this software which are a) signing up to thousands of directories b) rewrite and spin article and c) submit to article directories make this product a very low-cost, must-have article marketing automation software that will greatly help article marketers nowadays. Click here for a 5 Days Free Trial or Buy Now!

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